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Friday Five: Airpocalypse and a fighting chance for elephants

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-01-06

China aims to spend at least $360 Billion on renewable energy by 2020 [NY Times] Details of China’s energy sector 13th five year plan for energy were released yesterday, revealing a huge investment in the country’s already...

Friday Five: COP21 and return of the Airpocalypse

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2015-12-04

China joins poor countries in pointing finger at wealthy states over emissions [Guardian]  Arguably the most important climate meeting of the decade got underway this week as 154 world leaders gathered in Paris to discuss how to...

What will it take for Beijing to call a Red Alert on pollution?

Blog entry by Zhang Kai | 2015-12-01 1 comment

Beijing is currently suffering through a 4th continuous day of ‘Airpocalypse’. The city is blanketed in a thick, choking smog that has covered an area of North China the size of Spain and Beijing’s most famous landmarks have been...

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