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Greenpeace activists investigate pollution

Image | 2010-09-17 at 6:00

Greenpeace activists investigate pollution from a coal ash disposal site belonging to the Shentou Number 2 Power Plant, Shuozhou, Shanxi province. Many of the villages around the landfill are very polluted. The villagers have reported the...

July to August 2010

Image | 2010-09-16 at 17:00

July to August 2010. After filling each coal ash disposal site, the Yuanbaoshan Power Plant, in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, covers the ash pile with dirt and then plants crops on top. It is meant to control the dust against wind dispersal, but...

The arrival of the Shentou Number 2 Power

Image | 2010-09-16 at 6:00

The arrival of the Shentou Number 2 Power Plant's coal ash disposal site has irrevocably changed Mayi Village, which dates back to the Tang dynasty. Leakages from ash ponds have raised the groundwater and flooded the villagers’ cellars; cattle...

The people of Mayi villager have reported

Image | 2010-09-16 at 6:00

The people of Mayi villager have reported the problems of coal ash pollution to the Shentou Number 2 Power Station several times, but to no avail. The power station’s only response has been to merely continue with its “ecological management” that...

The Togtoh Power Station belongs to the China

Image | 2010-09-15 at 11:56

The Togtoh Power Station belongs to the China Datang Corp, one of the country’s Big Five power companies, and has an installed capacity of 5.4GW. One of Asia’s biggest thermal power stations, it produces about 4.6 million tons of coal ash every...

Toxic Coal Ash is China’s Single Largest Source of Solid Waste

Press release | 2010-09-15 at 6:00

Beijing, 15 Sept 2010 – China’s coal-fired power plants dump enough toxic coal ash to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool every two and a half minutes, Greenpeace says in its latest report The True Cost of Coal: An Investigation into Coal Ash in...

Coal's Hidden Health Hazards

Feature Story | 2010-09-02 at 15:01

Did you know that mercury from coal combustion can travel more than 1,000km? That's the distance from Guangzhou to Shanghai. Learn more about coal's health impacts, as well as ten tips to reduce your exposure to air pollution.

Air Pollution in China

Standard Page | 2010-08-20 at 16:03

Coal is the leading culprit of air pollution in China. Coal supplies 80% of the country’s electricity and 70% of its energy – as well as the lion's share of its air pollutants.


Standard Page | 2010-07-15 at 10:44

Coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions. This makes burning coal the single greatest threat facing our climate. A huge portion of China's carbon dioxide emissions come from burning coal. If we are to...

Climate & Energy

Hub | 2010-07-14 at 15:50

Climate change is of critical concern to China: it is the world's largest greenhouse gas emitter, and many of its people are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, from glacial melting to droughts and flooding.

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