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Break-time in the rice fields of Weixi

Image | 2012-04-09 at 10:00

Five rice farmers from the Yunnan Province with no experience in photography were given a camera and asked to document their sustainable rice farming methods over the space of a year to highlight the potential of ecological agriculture. The...

Only wishful blue skies for Beijing's tourists

Image | 2012-09-03 at 7:30

If only the sky was blue like in the fake backdrop on the left side of this photo, rather than the polluted, grey skies behind it! Last week Beijing's air was particularly polluted, with levels at the 300 mark, indicating severe levels of pollution.

A family's nomadic lifestyle disappears due to climate change

Image | 2012-08-06 at 6:00

A Tibetan nomadic family at home in their new house in the Hua Shi Xia township. Environmental conditions have forced them from their traditional way of life. The Chinese government has supplied electrical appliances - TV, Stove, and furniture,...

Silence at Eling Lake in Qinghai

Image | 2012-08-13 at 9:00

A yak and sheep cross near Eling Lake, Madou County, Qinghai, China.

China's coolest pop star in the icy Arctic

Image | 2012-07-16 at 14:36

Chinese pop star Hu Haiquan photographed in front of the Idabreen glacier, Liefdefjorden. An international crew was on a month-long expedition in the icy Arctic. Greenpeace is campaigning for a global sanctuary to be declared around the...

A polar bear climbs China's Great Wall

Image | 2012-06-25 at 6:00

The Great Wall is one of many global landmarks being scaled at dawn as part of a phased Arctic Rising that will follow the sunrise across the planet. We are demanding immediate global action to protect the Arctic from destructive oil drilling.

Organic farming on the hillside of Danba

Image | 2012-04-16 at 10:00

The Tibetan villagers in this area of Danba, Sichuan don't use chemical pesticides, and use only natural fertilizers like cow manure. In the backdrop the fog rolls in over the mountains making for a majestic setting.


Image | 2009-12-02 at 14:06

Chuxiong, Yunnan, November 2008. Villagers search for relatives after mudslides buried homes. More than 40 people died.

Press conference in Greenpeace's Beijing

Image | 2005-04-15 at 18:35

Press conference in Greenpeace's Beijing office exposing the GE Rice contamination in Hubei.

Coal animation showing coal's deadly side

Image | 2010-04-21 at 14:52

Coal animation showing coal's deadly side.

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