Greenpeace reaction to the Beijing government’s issuing of a severe pollution red alert

Press release - 2015-12-08
Beijing, December 8, 2015 – Greenpeace East Asia notes the positive step the Beijing city government has taken in issuing a red alert for severe pollution (defined as a period when AQI is over 200 and predicted to last more than 3 days), a move it failed to implement last week. This crisis is an opportunity to test Beijing’s emergency response plan and should provide further impetus to policy steps aimed at cleaning China’s air.
“The red alert is a welcome sign of a different attitude from the Beijing government,” said climate and energy campaigner Dong Liansai. “However, this, the latest of a series of airpocalypses to hit Beijing, is also a firm reminder of just how much more needs to be done to ensure safe air for all.”

While alerts can provide a level of protection, long-term measures are still critical to accelerating the pace of cleaning the atmosphere. The Chinese government should take this crisis as an opportunity to push forward policies aimed at restructuring the energy sector in order to provide a long term solution to China’s air pollution crisis. Greenpeace East Asia reiterates its call on the Chinese government to introduce a national coal consumption cap in the forthcoming 13th Five Year Plan.

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Tom Baxter,
International Communications Officer, Greenpeace East Asia,
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