Greenpeace reactive to report of Daya Bay Incident

Press release - 2010-06-15
Greenpeace urges the government to drop all plans to enlarge any nuclear capacity, after a suspicious leakage of radioactive iodine from the Daya Bay nuclear plant in late May, reported by the media yesterday.

Greenpeace urges the authority to focus on developing renewable energy.

Greenpeace campaigner Prentice Koo says, “Nuclear power is dangerous and expensive, as proved by history.”

He continues, “Nuclear is a dead-end distraction from the real energy solutions for climate protection and energy security.”

Environmental Bureau Chief Edward Yau disclosed to the media earlier that the government plans to enlarge the supply of power from nuclear, which accounts for 20% of energy supply to Hong Kong at the moment.

Koo urges the authority to drop any plans to increase nuclear power and instead focus on developing renewable energy, which is clean and sustainable.

According to figures from the International Energy Agency, even one thousand new reactors globally would reduce fossil fuels dependency by less than 4%, and even that would take several decades to happen.


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