Chief Executive prattles climate change

Doomsday Clock warns Hong Kong

Press release - 2007-02-02
The latest climate change report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), concludes that global average temperature is likely to increase between 1.1°C to 6.4°C above 1980-1999 levels by 2095, leading to catastrophic crisis including more extreme weathers. Greenpeace demands the government to devise a comprehensive climate policy, in particular to aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Today, Greenpeace members hanged 40 Doomsday Clocks on the gate of the Central Government Offices, and erected a banner "Time's Up! Save the Climate", in front of the Central Government Offices to show their dissatisfaction on the HKSAR Government's inaction on the climate issue.

Greenpeace Campaigner Gloria Chang criticizes, "HK's inaction on the issue not only offsets global efforts against climate change but also leaves itself alone in the international community. Doomsday Clock is warning us. If global temperature continues to rise 2 to 3 degree, the sea level will rise 6 meters.  According to CLSA estimation, the property loss nearby Victoria Harbour would up to 400 billion HKD."

She said that Year 2006 is the eighth hottest year ever of HK, and Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) projected that there would be no winter in Hong Kong roughly in 80 years time, which show that we cannot escape from global warming. According to HKO weather records, January temperature was 0.6°C higher then last year, November and December of 2006 were "unreasonably warm".

Greenpeace urges the HKSAR Government to take immediate actions to combat climate change as a truly international city. Possible actions are as follows:

  • Ÿ
  • Formulate comprehensive climate policy, including climate change impact assessments for HK; social, economic and environmental cost brought by climate impacts; and setting the greenhouse gases reduction targets and its penalties for emission over targets; Ÿ
  • Departments and Bureaus should establish greenhouse gases emission caps for each sector, in particular through the upcoming "Scheme of Control" to regulate the two local power companies, which are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases locally; Ÿ
  • Set up an energy blueprint with a vision to meet the reduction targets and move HK towards a low-carbon economy, in particular to have a mandatory renewable energy development target and action plan.

Other contacts:

Gloria Chang, Campaigner Tel:2854 8323
Sophia Wong, Media Officer Tel:2854 8332


For further details on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report, please check it out at