Appendix 3: Unrealized promises from CLP to our climate

Press release - 2006-11-09

6 November, 2003

Greenpeace demanded CLP to develop renewable energy (RE) and phase out coal. CLP replied no plan at this stage to develop RE.

20 November, 2003

Greenpeace called on CLP to phase out fossil fuels and develop RE in an action. No reply.

22 April, 2004

At CLP AGM, Greenpeace activists, joined by student group 'Solar Campus', called on CLP to take lead in tackling climate change and to invest in RE.

29 April, 2004

CLP Chairman Hon. Kadoorie’s reply to the petition letter dated 22/4/04 stated that “At CLP, we believe that climate change is an important issue, and that RE is part of our future”.

4 May, 2004

Dr. Gail Kendall from CLP replied to the petition letter dated 22/4/04 stating that CLP “has committed to developing a climate strategy for our business”.

6 December, 2004

Greenpeace letter to CLP Chairman Hon. Kadoorie. Questioned on CLP’s 5% RE target by 2010, technologies and projects details.

9 December, 2004

Greenpeace met CLP representatives. CLP stated its plan on “LNG terminal”. Greenpeace expressed reservation due to no long-term RE development plan from CLP.

6 January, 2005

CLP Chairman Hon. Kadoorie replied his notice to Greenpeace letter dated 6/12/04.

7 January, 2005

Dr. Gail Kendall replied Greenpeace letter dated 6/12/04. CLP tried to reach around 500 MW installed capacity of RE by 2010.

25 January, 2005

Greenpeace called on CLP to halt its planned expansion in coal power in an action. No reply.

20 April, 2005

Greenpeace demanded CLP to announce a plan to reduce its greenhouse gases emission in its AGM on 28/4/05.

28 April, 2005

Greenpeace activists in AGM. Questioned Chairman Hon. Kadoorie on reducing coal burning and greenhouse gases timetable. No reply.

27 July, 2005

6 Greenpeace representatives met CLP Group Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Brandler. CLP believed climate change is a serious problem, but would continue to involve in coal projects. Greenpeace expressed disappointment.

16 August, 2005

Greenpeace letter to Mr. Brandler. Follow up questions to the meeting on 27/7/05. Demanded a reply from CLP by 31/8/05.

1 September, 2005

Mr. Brandler reply letter to Greenpeace. Stressed the difficult dilemmas CLP faced in choosing projects and investments.

26 March, 2006

Greenpeace demanded CLP to announce a clear coal burning reduction target and timeframe in its AGM on 25/4/06.

25 April, 2006

CLP did not address or reply Greenpeace demand at its AGM.

11 May, 2006

3 Greenpeace representatives met Mr. Andrew Brandler. CLP had some RE projects in the pipeline. No plan to phase out coal burning.

1 November, 2006

Greenpeace letter to Mr. Brandler. Urged CLP to have a set a formal greenhouse gas reduction target and timeframe. No reply yet.