Rainbow Warrior successfully promoted wind energy in Hong Kong

Set sail to continue the mission in the Philippines

Press release - 2005-10-24
Greenpeace’s flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, completed the first stop of the “Sure Wind – Rainbow Warrior Asia Clean Energy Tour” in Hong Kong, departing at 7 pm on 23rd October 2005, and set sail to the Philippines, the second stop of the tour. Chow Sze-chung, Campaigner (Air Pollution) is also sailing on the ship towards the Philippines to promote massive up-take of clean energy in the region.

During the Rainbow Warrior in Hong Kong, Greenpeace successfully launched the "Yellow River Source" and the "Wind Guangdong" reports, conducted a wind measurement activity in the water close to Guangdong and Hong Kong, and set up a symbolic wind turbine in front of the Castle Peak coal power station, which is one of the biggest in Asia.  All these aim at promoting the clean renewable energy to the public in Hong Kong.  We believe reliance on coal, and fossil fuel, will lead to the global climate change.  Only renewable energy, like wind, can slow down the rate of global climate change.

Dr. Sarah Liao, Secretary for the Environment Transport and Works Bureau of the HKSAR Government, was also on the Rainbow Warrior on 21st October 2005, to have an in-depth sharing with the crew members.

Liao was impressed with the "Wind Guangdong" report produced by Greenpeace, "The discussion with Dr. Liao is a significant step for future cooperation between the HKSAR Government and us," said Lo Sze-ping, Campaign Director of Greenpeace China.

"The ship was also open to donors and public visit at the Eastern Berth of Central Ferry Pier No. 2.  We successfully attracted more than 2,800 visitors in total, and had more than 1,000 to become our wind ambassadors.  The Rainbow Warrior in Hong Kong provided a good chance for Hong Kong public to learn that wind energy is something we can rely on, but not something impossible," said Mr. M. K. Tam, Hong Kong Campaign Manager, Greenpeace China.

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