Hong Kong as the first stop for the Rainbow Warrior to launch Sure Wind in Asia

Press release - 2005-10-04
Greenpeace’s flagship, the Rainbow Warrior will be sailing into the Victoria Habour on 9 Oct, 2005, outset the commencement of Sure Wind –Rainbow Warrior Asia Clean Energy Revolution Tour that aims at advocating the massive uptake of clean, abundant renewable energy sources like wind power to lessen the devastating crisis of global warming and climate change.

Sure Wind - Asia Energy Revolution Tour 2005

Greenpeace will host a series of activities throughout the tour in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, the Rainbow Warrior will enter the Victoria Harbour from the East Channel led by "Duk Lane" - the well known Junk symbolizing Hong Kong. Releases of Yellow River Source with photos exhibition and Wind Guangdong with on-board press conference will entail in the forthcoming 2 weeks.

The major cause of global warming and climate change is the world's reliance on burning coal, oil, natural gas and other forms of fossil fuels. Lo Sze-ping, the Campaigner Director of Greenpeace China explained that "This is the first time the Rainbow Warrior visits Asian countries with the theme of clean energy; it aims at raising the public awareness on the urgency of wind energy development in Hong Kong, Mainland China and other Asian countries, to lessen the menacing effects and pressing crisis of global warming."

The Rainbow Warrior Asia Clean Energy Revolution Tour starts on October 9 and the whole tour lasts for 10 weeks. It will sail onwards from Hong Kong to Philippines and Thailand by the end of October. For more information, please visit www.asiacleanenergy.org (available from October 9 onwards).

The Rainbow Warrior is Greenpeace's flagship, and the best known symbol of peace and environmentalism. It has been traveling around the world, bearing witness to and exposing human-made environmental and ecological problem in order to stop the crisis. The first Rainbow Warrior was sunk in a terrorist-like bombing by French secret agents in peace flotilla protesting the continued French Nuclear tests in 1985. The scandal resulted in the resignation of the head of Ministry of Defense in France. The current Rainbow Warrior, set sail in 1989, was bought with the compensation made by the French government. This year is the 20th year anniversary of the bombing incident.

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Azure Ho, Media Officer, Greenpeace China +852 2854 8326
Christine Fong, PR Officer, Greenpeace China +852 2854 8327


Tour schedule in Hong Kong

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