Greenpeace launches “Sure Wind” campaign and website

Celebrities advocate more rapid wind energy development

Press release - 2005-09-19
Greenpeace China, together with Shih Wing Ching, Leung Man To, Audrey Eu, Cyd Ho and Chung Kin Man, set up a wind turbine in Hong Kong near the Queen’s Pier in Central. While Hong Kong’s first real wind turbine has recently been erected in Lamma Island, this model wind turbine symbolizes our common wish to hasten the development of wind energy in Hong Kong. The event marks the launch of the Greenpeace “Sure wind” campaign and website

"Sure Wind" logo

A model wind turbine near the Queen’s Pier in Central. This symbolised our common wish to hasten the development of wind energy in Hong Kong.

Celebrities including Shih Wing Ching, Leung Man To, Audrey Eu, Cyd Ho and Chung Kin Man set up a model wind turbine near the Queen’s Pier in Central.

The Greenpeace website is the first of its kind and interactively promotes wind energy by recruiting more "Wind Ambassadors". The guests attending the launch ceremony - Shih Wing Ching, Leung Man To, Audrey Eu, Cyd Ho and Chung Kin Man - are all Wind Ambassadors alongside other active wind energy supporters: Lee Lai Shan, Hung Chung Yam and Choy So Yuk.

Gloria Chang, Greenpeace Climate and Energy campaigner said: "We aim to recruit the first 5,000 'Wind Ambassadors' from within two months; Greenpeace and the "Wind Ambassadors" will actively call on the government and power companies to give Hong Kong citizens a choice for wind energy."

To show their support for wind energy, the five Wind Ambassadors, together with a group of young people, set up a three meter high model windmill in Queen's Pier. Upon activating the windmill, the Wind Ambassadors distributed paper fans to Hong Kong citizens and took photos with the newly recruited members of the Wind Ambassador team in front of the windmill.

Gloria Chang said: "A typical modern wind turbine can provide electricity for 1,000 people for a year; so just 10 wind turbines would be able to provide energy for 10,000 people for a year and thus avoid 48,000 tons of carbon dioxide pollution."

Chang continued: "China needs clean energy choices to help it develop without destroying the climate. It is time for Hong Kong to actively support clean energy. While mainland China has new measures supporting wind power, Hong Kong has none. Hong Kong can build wind farms at home and invest in wind in Guangdong to play a crucial role in tackling climate change. It is our responsibility to act."

China is one of the world top ten wind energy markets, in which Guangdong province has already got 180 wind turbines and Shanghai got 18 wind turbines in last three years. In the leading countries, Denmark meets 19% of its national electricity demand from wind energy, in Spain the figure is 6% and in Germany it is 5%.

Legislative council member and Wind Ambassador Audrey Eu said: "There are several ways for power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emission, but the ultimate solution is the wide application of renewable energy, such as wind energy."

Shih Wing Ching said that it is high time for Hong Kong to develop wind energy, especially when the problem of energy shortage is so acute to the world.

Leung Man To said: "while Guangdong province has built big wind farms with more than 100 windmills, Hong Kong has only 1 - we are far behind".

Wind power is the world fastest growing energy source; it is clean, safe and abundant. More importantly, it won't emit carbon dioxide and other pollutants that destroy the atmosphere. It is the ultimate solution to global warming and climate change.

Chang invited Hong Kong citizens to support wind energy, check out and register as Wind Ambassador online. "Everyone can play a part," she said. "The more Wind Ambassadors, the stronger signal sent to power companies and government that Hong Kong citizens vote for wind energy."

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