【Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Little Star】Photo Competition

Feature Story - 2014-05-30
World Cup isn’t just for adults! If your children are 12-year-old or younger, dress them up with football jersey and snap a cute picture of them today! Let them become the Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Little Star!

According to an investigative report on World Cup products by Greenpeace in May, hazardous chemicals have been found in football merchandise from brands like adidas and Nike and even in World Cup official footballs! Such hazardous chemicals can severely affect your children’s growth and cause irreversible destruction to the environment.

The hazardous chemicals should not pollute the spectacular World Cup games. We need to ensure that our kids are living in a clean and safe environment. Greenpeace is now holding a “Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Star Kid Photo Competition”. We cordially invite you and your kids to join us to express our desire of a DETOX future through a lens.

Application and Rules:

Mums and dads simply need to capture the happy moment of your kids playing football with a prop of “I want a DETOX future!”. Just remember that your kids have to be 12 or below. You can also include happy family members in the photo. Winner’s photo will be published in Greenpeace Impact Report or Greenpeace’s column in various magazines. Your kid may even become the “DETOX Football Little Star” on Facebook page!


1. Application
This competition is divided into 2 groups. Parents can decide to compete in any group, or both at the same time. Each kid can only submit one photo for one group. If parents decide to enter into both groups, 2 different photos should be submitted.

Group 1: Themed Scene
Greenpeace will set up a “Greenpeace DETOX World Cup” Themed Scene on 8, 11 and 14 June in Pedestrian Streets in Mongkok or Causeway Bay. Parents can bring along their children to take a photo for the competition.

Group 2: Free Creation
Photo can be taken in any place. The happy moment of children playing football should be captured and the prop of “I want a DETOX future!” should be used in the photo. (The prop is downloadable from Facebook page. Please print it out.)

Participants have to submit their photo(s) with the information below from 1 June to 30 June. Please email to with the subject “Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Little Star Photo Competition”.

Parent’s name:
Contact number:
Facebook name:
Kid’s name:
Kid’s age:
Title of the photo:
A slogan for DETOX World Cup:

2. Format of the photo(s)
The photo(s) has to be in JPEG format, with a size of 5MB or below. It can be in color or black-and-white. The photo(s) should be an original work without post-production.

3. Judging and Release of results
Greenpeace will select 10 finalists from each group and upload the photos to the Facebook page of “Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Little Star Photo Competition” on 1 July. The photo that gets the most “likes” from 1 July to 12:00nn of 14 July will win the competition.

Finalists will not be individually notified. Parents will need to login to the Facebook page of “Greenpeace DETOX World Cup Star Kid Photo Competition” to check if their photo(s) is selected. The final result will be released on 15 July, 2014 on Greenpeace’s Facebook page.

4. Others
Finalists’ photos will be selected by Greenpeace. Participant should have no objections. All submissions will be kept by Greenpeace, with a possibility for future promotional use. Greenpeace retains the right for final decision.

5. Terms and conditions
Parent has to compete as an individual and must be 18 or above on the day of submission of photo(s). Once submitted, participants agree to all the rules and regulations of the competition, including this terms and conditions.

Personal information: Participants understand and agree that Greenpeace will collect personal information from participants. Participants also agreed to authorize Greenpeace to use the information collected for publishing, printing, display, promotion and all activities with related purposes. Meanwhile, participants promise and ensure the information submitted is accurate and authentic, and without fraudulent use of third party information.

Intellectual Property: Works once submitted will not be withdrawn or modified. Entries cannot contain any pornography, violence, slander, intimidation etc. Otherwise, contestants will be disqualified.

Entry note: Participants can upload theirs photo(s) on their Facebook. Participants must login to their real and own Facebook. Each participant can only use one Facebook account and submit only 1 photo for 1 category. Participants who log in to multiple Facebook accounts, or using other people’s accounts, or using any malicious or dishonest method to win, their prizes will be canceled without notice. To be fair, employees of Greenpeace and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in the competition.

This event has no relationship with Facebook and is without any sponsors, support or management from Facebook.