World Water Day, Beijing

Feature Story - 2009-03-23
One in four people in China is living with unsafe water. Greenpeace China took that message to the streets in an unusually sticky way on World Water Day, March 22.

World Water Day, March 22 2009. A member of the public reads a Greenpeace ground sticker in Beijing highlighting the water pollution problem in China.

China's pollution problem is one of the world's worst.

Industrial and agricultural pollution is now so bad that 70 percent of the country's rivers, lakes and reservoirs are not safe for humans to use.

To get the Chinese public talking about the water crisis, Greenpeace plastered popular tourist and commerical areas in Beijing with a splash of water ground sticker.

The sticker bore the face of a small boy with the slogan: "one in four Chinese people are living with unsafe water."

Old and young, lovers, children and even statues read our message.

Here are some images from the event.