3 Teams Visit Earthquake Aftermath

Feature Story - 2008-05-30
May 30. In an effort to accelerate the identification of hazardous chemical plants in the Sichuan earthquake disaster zone, Greenpeace’s research team at the site of the quake has expanded into three branches. Each departing from Deyang, they will separately make their way to different towns in Sichuan’s worst-hit regions, including Jiangyou, Anxian and Pengzhou.

Greenpeace monitors the earthquake area for any potential environmental impacts.

Since May 15, Greenpeace has been monitoring the earthquake area for any potential environmental impacts. We are aiming to pin-point chemical hazards and to share all our findings with the local and national environmental protection agencies. We visited 72 chemical plants in 60 towns within the disaster zone. We have found several irresponsible small-scale factories, which are either still in operation or have failed to remove chemical storages from the zone. Local government has been quick in addressing these potential hazards by closing them down or helping to remove the toxic chemicals.