Rock on: 2008 Midi Music Festival

Feature Story - 2008-09-27
It's on. It's off. It's on again. The 2008 Midi Music Festival, Beijing's biggest outdoor rock music party, pushed back from May, will now be held October 1 to 5. Greenpeace will be there. Will you?

Greenpeace made some serious noise at last year's Midi Music Festival.

The Midi Music Festival has been running since 1997 and regularly attracts tens of thousands of concert goers.

While we were all disappointed that the Midi Music Festival couldn't take place in May, a great (as yet non-finalised) lineup of rock bands and artists will be performing in October at the Beijing Midi School in Haidian district.

Music is inspirational and brings people together. Music can change the world and Greenpeace firmly believes that the world needs change. Come and celebrate with Greenpeace at this year's Beijing Midi Music Festival

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What are we doing at the Midi Music Festival?

Lots of things.

First off the Midi Music Festival will be using our cartoon dustbins! Back in May Greenpeace got together with Nie Jun, a famous cartoonist, and a bunch of volunteers to paint rubbish bins. We used eco-friendly paints to create cartoons promoting environmental protection.

Now whenever there's a Midi Music Festival there will be Greenpeace cartoon bins encouraging people to save the planet!

We'll also be selling funky Greenpeace cloth bags and wraps. It's easy for all of us to make small changes to reduce our consumption of the earth's resources. Not using plastic bags is one simple way to help save the planet.

And of course, we'll be enjoying the great music and party atmosphere.

The 2007 Midi Music Festival

Last year was enormous fun. We worked with the Midi Music Festival to create a "Green and Peace" Midi Music Festival, melding environmental protection with rock music.

Check out this slideshow of images from last year's party.

Top rock and pop artist, Dave Stewart, penned Greenpeace's anthem "Go Green". The song also features Bonnie Raitt, Natalie Imbruglia, Imogen Heap, Sarah McLaughlin, Annie Lennox, and Nadirah X. Take a listen below.