Esperanza Save Our Oceans Ship Tour: Hong Kong Stop

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Feature Story - 2012-09-12
Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza is currently touring Asia to raise awareness of the major threats to the health of our oceans. Over-fishing is threatening our oceans, with around 80% of fish being caught by state-of-the-art, environmentally destructive industrial fishing methods such as purse seiner and fish aggregating device. And if the situation continues, we may run out of fish to eat in just 30 years' time!

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The oceans are the source of all life on earth, and every day they continue to nurture us. Over 80% of the earth's creatures live in the oceans, and they provide half the oxygen we breathe. They regulate our climate and our rainfall. They give us a bounty of seafood; they revitalize us with their beauty and their splendor.

In return, many people treat the ocean as both landfill and a bottomless provider. Its creatures are harvested to the point of extinction, and pollution, trash and oil spills are thoughtlessly dumped back.

We need to protect our oceans because without them life on Earth would not –and cannot – exist.

The Esperanza Save Our Oceans Tour will highlight the number of impacts overfishing has had on our marine ecosystem. The Esperanza will visit Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, three of the most important regions in the trade and consumption of marine species, in order to generate support for oceans protection and an end to over-fishing.

The ship will visit Hong Kong in mid-October as part of Greenpeace’s Pacific Oceans Ship Tour and will be in Hong Kong for a week to spread the message that we must protect our oceans.

Greenpeace is campaigning for a global network of marine reserves covering 40% of the world’s oceans and for a more sustainable fishing industry. Both are vital steps to restoring the health of our oceans.

We cordially invite you to visit the Esperanza in Hong Kong and be likewise inspired to protect the oceans. The Esperanza will be open for public visits on the following dates and venues:

Date: October 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun) and 23rd (Tue)
Location: China Merchants Wharf, 18 Sai Ning Street, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong
Time: 10:00-17:00 (Greenpeace reserve the right to change the visiting time according to crowd and weather. For details please visit our web.)
Transportation: Bus number 1, 10, 5B, 5P, 5X, 101, 104 for direct access. Or 5-minute walk after alighting from bus number 18, 18P, 113, 904.


Tel: 28548300

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Por favor o Esperanza esta na Asia, os golfinhos que estão em centenas arrastados para a enseada precisão de voces!!!, sómente ontem f...

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