Pirate fishing is a global scourge

Feature Story - 2008-10-05
Our oceans are being plundered by pirates. Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing – also known as "pirate fishing" - has become a global scourge. From international waters around the world, to the islands of the South Pacific and the coastal communities of West Africa, fisheries are in crisis.

Pirate fishing can be stopped. Governments can outlaw flags of convenience and refuse entry to fishing and supply vessels.

Pirates are pulling in billions of dollars of fish that rightfully belongs to coastal communities or falls beyond any one country's waters.

Pirate fishing affects communities that cannot afford to be robbed of their livelihoods, leaves the marine environment bruised and battered, and undermines food security and attempts at sustainable management.

Roll call

Official lists of pirate vessels are limited in the information they contain and don't include the names of the big companies behind these pirate fishing vessels.

Companies often have illegal and legal vessels fishing side by side. It is time they pay the real price for piracy and have all their operations held accountable when caught pirate-fishing.

We've launched an online database of fishing vessels involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, and the companies who own them.   Check it out.

Our IUU blacklist is the first independent record of fishing vessels, support vessels and companies involved in pirate fishing.

It includes independent observations from the legal fishing industry, government authorities, and first-hand evidence from Greenpeace and other NGOs who have recorded the activities of these vessels and companies at sea and in ports around the world.

Greenpeace is urging all retailers and seafood traders to ensure they do not purchase pirate-caught fish and, as a first step, ensure that they do not trade with companies listed as operators of pirate vessels.

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Take action!

Report a pirate fishing vessel to our database.


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