Forest fight: 55 hours hanging from a crane to halt illegal logging

Feature Story - 2008-09-08
Armed police have escorted our activists off a ship loaded with illegally logged timber. They had been hanging from the loading crane for 55 hours to stop the shipment of rainforest logs.

A Papua New Guinea resource owner sends a message to the loggers.

Because of our action the ship's owner, Turama Forest Industries, has promised to review the logging agreement for the Turama Extension, a concession covering 1.7 million hectares in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Greenpeace will watch the review process to ensure it follows PNG forestry laws and delivers a just outcome for resource owners.

Turama Forest Industries, owned by Malaysian logging company Rimbunan Hijau, has ignored resource owners' concerns for 13 years.

Our activists had stopped the ship, bound for China, from loading illegally logged timber from the Paradise Forest. They are now safely back on the Greenpeace ship, Esperanza.

Watch a slideshow of our activists boarding the ship.

On board the Esperanza is Greenpeace China's forest campaigner, Yilan. Her Forests for Climate tour blog (Chinese only) is packed with exciting videos and pictures from the scene.

The ship, Harbour Gemini, was loading timber at Paia in the Gulf Province when the activists from Papua New Guinea and New Zealand climbed a loading crane to hang a huge banner reading 'Protect Forests, Save Our Climate'.

This peaceful direct action highlighted the impact of deforestation on climate change and was supported by many local people.

Protecting forests saves our climate.

Forest destruction accounts for around 20 percent of the world's global greenhouse gas emissions every year. Logging in PNG rainforests is out of control.

These ancient forests need to be protected to save our climate and we are asking the Papua New Guinea government to establish a moratorium on any new large-scale logging concessions or extensions.

What is China's role in this?

China is central to the laundering of illegal timber from some of the world's most endangered forests.

Read Greenpeace's 2006 report: "Sharing the Blame: Global Consumption and China's Role in Ancient Forest Destruction."

Read our blog from the scene

Experience the action. Read Greenpeace China's Forests for Climate blog from Papua New Guinea (Chinese only).

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