The blame game

Feature Story - 2009-05-08
We asked Chinese shoppers who was responsible for making sure their food was safe. What do you think they said?

Chinese supermarkets are selling homegrown GE papayas.

They all said the same thing: The buck stops at supermarkets.

We shot this video in Beijing a couple of weeks ago.

Pesticide blame game from Greenpeace China on Vimeo.

Some shoppers even want those supermarkets that don't check their groceries are clean and safe for customers to be punished. And that includes genetically engineered produce.

We went shopping a few months ago and found that many supermarkets were selling GE papayas even though the jury is out on whether GE fruit is safe to eat.

Customers weren't even told whether the papaya they were buying was GE or not.

In fact we found all the homegrown papayas were GE.

What do you think?

Greenpeace China is pushing supermarkets to own up to their responsibility.

Would you trust a doctor that prescribed unsafe medicine?

Supermarkets have the power and the duty to check their suppliers' stock and only buy from safe sources.

You can help us push supermarkets. You can help us make sure our food is safe.

Want to help Greenpeace?

If you live in mainland China we have a mission for you.

When you go shopping this weekend ask your supermarket where their papayas are from and email us what you found out.

We need to know two things:

1. Where the papayas were grown.

2. The name and address of the supermarket.

Our email:

Thank you and good luck!