Nestlé feeds Chinese babies GE

Feature Story - 2009-09-09
Would you feed your baby GE food? In China, Nestlé does.

Nestle baby food contains GE ingredients in China.

We sent a sample of a Nestlé-branded baby food cereal bought in Beijing to an independent laboratory.

It came back testing positive for GE ingredients including 35s, NOS and Bt.

The Bt gene acts as an insecticide!

Greenpeace believes GE food poses a serious threat to biodiversity and our own health.

Companies shouldn't be selling GE food, far less feeding it to our babies.

Double trouble: Nestlé in China

Greenpeace also opposes Nestlé's double standards.

In Europe and Brazil, Nestlé says it won't sell GE food.

But in China, it makes no such promise.

Why is it ok to sell GE food to Chinese consumers and not to European customers?

Greenpeace China demands that Nestlé immediately stop selling GE baby food in China.


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