Motley Crew Arctic tour 2012

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Feature Story - 2012-07-04
You don’t have to be from Russia or Norway to have a stake in what happens to the Arctic – we’re all affected. That is why we've set sail on the Arctic Sunrise with a truly international crew to demand a truly international response to the devastating threats facing the Arctic.

The Arctic matters to all of us #save the arctic. June 2012 Greenpeace hosts guests and crew from around the world as they head into the Arctic.

From Girl Guides to Chinese pop stars, from filmmakers to Cambridge University scientists, we have ambassadors on board from Peru, Ghana, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, US and Spain among others, to bear witness to this disappearing world. Greenpeace is calling on the United Nations to create a global sanctuary to protect the uninhabited area around the North Pole.

Launched from Svalbard, Norway, 78 degrees north of the equator, the ship has begun a month-long expedition to the ice edge. Arctic sea ice has already disappeared by 75 percent in the last 30 years, and scientists on board the Arctic Sunrise will be working with 3D scanning experts and engineers to capture the true shape of Arctic sea ice for the first time. This cutting-edge research will help the world understand the rapid changes currently taking place at the very top of our planet.

Instead of seeing the sea ice retreat as a grave warning to humanity, industrial fisheries, oil companies and governments are trying to capitalise on this crisis. The 20th Century saw a devastating scramble for resources on every continent on earth. Now we have to stand together, from every corner of the world, young and old, to say enough is enough, we will protect the Arctic before it befalls the same fate.

Find out more about some of the passengers on-board:

Hu Haiquan

Hu Haiquan - China

Haiquan is one half of Yu Quan; perhaps one of the most famous pop duos in mainland China. Born in the city of Shenyang, Hu Haiquan paired up with Chen Yufan in June 1998 to create Yu Quan. Together they have released 12 albums in total, with over 10 million pieces sold, and have built up a huge social media following in China.


Arnaud Durand

Fredrick Lam - Hong Kong

Fred is a popular social activist from Hong Kong with numerous regular columns in Hong Kong newspapers. Fred is joining Greenpeace of the Arctic Sunrise to see this pristine region for himself, to learn about the ecology of the Arctic and to find out more about vital sea ice research.



Yvette Sena Blankson (known as Sena) - Ghana

At 19 years old Sena, from Agona-Swedru in the central region of Ghana, is the youngest passenger on the ship. Currently studying Information Studies and Sociology at the University of Ghana she has been a Girl Guide since High School. She loves singing, reading, dancing, making friends and of course guiding. She plans to train as a lawyer specialising in cases of abuse against women.


Miryam Justo

Miryam Justo - Peru

Miryam became a Guide when she was 9 years old and hasn't stopped being involved in guiding since. Miryam holds a bachelor's degree in Forestry Sciences and has a keen interest in conservation and education. She considers being selected to go the Arctic with Greenpeace as a once in a lifetime opportunity and she hopes to gain a deeper understanding of this special environment.


Dr John Fletcher

Dr John Fletcher -  UK

Is a postdoctoral researcher in Polar Oceanography at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. His work focuses in the use of satellites to determine the thickness of the Arctic sea ice. Roughly speaking, this is done by bouncing a radar pulse off the ice surface and timing how long it takes to return to the satellite. It is fair to say he is the geek on board; computer programming, mathematical modelling as well as conducting experiments on the sea ice are all in a day's work.

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