Happy Earth Day China!

Feature Story - 2010-04-22
To mark the 40th anniversary of Earth Day Greenpeace China has released a special China coal cartoon. Don’t worry. It’s not boring. It’s got music and it’s short. Check it out.

Coal animation showing coal's deadly side.

Coal kills in China from Greenpeace China on Vimeo.

The story behind the film

Coal has played a crucial role in human history.

It has kept us warm, it has powered trains and machines and enabled the industrialization of the west.

Today it is still a key fuel for creating electricity.

In China alone, 70% of power stations are coal-fired.

But coal kills. (see more about that here).

From the miners who dig it, to the people who breathe in its fumes, to the skies that swallow immense clouds of carbon dioxide heating the earth and causing climate change and the seas to rise coal takes more than it gives.

Put money into clean renewable energy and give coal the boot.

This Earth Day Greenpeace China would like to remind everyone that coal is not the answer.

Send this video to your friends and spread the word about coal.