People in China’s drought

Feature Story - 2010-04-11
Cracked earth, withered crops, a parched people. The drought that is choking southern China is the nation’s worst in at least 80 years. Greenpeace China has sent activists to help and renowned photographer Lu Guang to record the disaster.

This is Tang Hairui. He's three years old and he's from Maide village in Yunnan. Here he is riding on the back of his  great aunt.

The drought has been linked with climate change, deforestation and water pollution.

Whatever the cause, the fact remains China's drought is man-made and is a chilling reminder of what climate change has in store for the whole globe unless we revolutionise the way we make and use energy.

China drought photos

Every day we will be posting a new photograph of people in the drought to put a human face on this tragedy.

China drought photo: April 9

This is 10-year-old Tian Longyi from Maide village.

He is fetching water to bring home for washing and his family's animals to drink.

China drought photo: April 8

This is Yang Shunping, 56, from Maide village in Yunnan.

He went home for lunch and was delighted to find that his goat had just given birth!

China drought photo: April 7

This is Zhangkai Yi, 71.  He lives in Wayao village in Yunnan.

"If we don't get rain soon, then I'm afraid we will starve," he told Greenpeace.

China drought photo: April 6

Children from Huize Wayao village in Yunnan province.

The worst drought in 80 years means there is no water left to drink never mind bathe.

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