Clinton in China: Greenpeace response

Feature Story - 2009-02-21
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is meeting with top Chinese officials in Beijing to discuss Sino-US relations. We were keen to see some tough talk on climate change. What did she say?

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Not too much, actually.

According to news wires, Clinton told Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi that: "It is, in our view, imperative that the United States and China cooperate on a range of issues from the economy to global climate change to development and so much else,"

A tad vague perhaps?

This is Greenpeace China's response:

The US and China have repeatedly expressed their good will to work together on climate change, and it is now time to move on to real joint action. Without dramatic and drastic action and strong leadership from the US and China, there is no solution to the climate crisis - the most profound crisis humanity has ever faced.

There are less than 10 months until the United Nations Copenhagen climate meeting and the world's governments must come up with a strong agreement at that meeting to stop climate change. Time is running out.

The time for action is now.

People in China, the US, and around the world, are looking for leadership from these two nations.