Copenhagen climate and China quotes

Feature Story - 2009-12-14
As we enter the second week of negotiations at the Copenhagen climate change talks, we are all hoping delegates stop squabbling and start working together to stop climate change. What else are we thinking about?

Act now -- save the climate.

Our top campaigners, both in Copenhagen and back in China, are working hard to push for a fair and binding climate change treaty.

Let's take a quick break and listen to how they feel about Copenhagen.

Yang Ailun

Greenpeace China climate and energy campaign manager

"I'm feeling like a student who is going to an important exam, but the difference is that this exam actually decides the future of our


Sze Pang Cheng

Greenpeace China campaigns director

"The future of the planet will be decided by what comes out of Copenhagen.

What are you going to do if your future will be decided bysomeone else? That's the question we should all be asking ourselves."

Yu Xin (Fish) Greenpeace China public engagement campaigner

"COP15 at Copenhagen in 2009 is definitely one of the most important moments in my life.

This is the work everyone shall be fighting for, no matter what job you do and where you are from."