Move Away from Coal to Protect China’s Children

Feature Story - 2008-06-15
With the help of 71 primary school children from Beijing Fangcaodi Primary School, Greenpeace today highlighted the role of coal in worsening air pollution and climate change in China.

Greenpeace activists, expert Wei Fusheng and school children gathered to convey the message that China needs to limit its excessive reliance on coal and turn to clean energy.

The burning of coal is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in China as well as the major cause of air pollution, leading to severe illnesses in many Chinese children.

The primary school students helped to create two large paintings - 'The Dark Side of Coal' and 'Make our Children's Future Cleaner' - to contrast the polluted world of coal against the bright picture of a clean energy future. This colorful activity was held at the China Science and Technology Museum with two national experts calling on the Chinese Government to reduce its heavy reliance on coal and quickly move to a clean energy future.

Two experts, Mr. Wei Fusheng, an academician specialized in coal impacts on human health, and Ms. Qu Peibang, Vice Secretary-General of China Medical Women's Association, spoke at the event.

"To reform China's energy mix is an urgent task. China can reduce its reliance on coal by improving energy efficiency and developing renewable energy," said Yang Ailun, Climate and Energy Campaign Manager for Greenpeace China. "We must not lock our children's future in the reliance on polluting energy. The best present we can give our children is a cleaner environment for them to grow healthily. "

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