Legco elections: who gets our green vote?

Feature Story - 2008-09-02
Hong Kong voters will head to the polls this Sunday for Legislative Council elections. Greenpeace has been checking out which candidates pass the environmental test.

Greenpeace members protest for action to stop climate change in June 2008 outside the Hong Kong Legislative Council Building

Green Charter

Greenpeace and four other environmental groups drew up a Green Charter which asked Legco candidates to promise to tackle five major environmental problems in Hong Kong including air pollution.

Some two thirds of Legco candidates (that's 36 politicians out of 53) in the geographical constituencies signed our Green Charter.

However, only 10 candidates out of 59 in the functional constituencies agreed to sign it.

Of the 36 candidates in the geographical category who signed the charter, all but one of them promised to push for Hong Kong's outdated Air Pollution Index to be changed.

And in the functional category nine out of the 10 candidates who signed our Green Charter also agreed to push for a change in the Air Pollution Index.

See a detailed breakdown of their responses here(Chinese only)

Climate change

We surveyed all the candidates on their attitude to climate change. More than 90 percent of them agreed that there was an urgent need to address global warming.

See the results of our climate change survey her(Chinese only)

Geographical constituency seats are decided by universal suffrage, while the functional constituency councillors, which represent business and industry interests, are elected by a small select group of voters.

Let's see how they do after the election!

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