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Online campaign on the 2nd Phase Consultation for the Future Development of Hong Kong's Electricity Market

Feature Story - 2006-03-17
The Hong Kong government is currently conducting the second phase consultation for the “Future development of Hong Kong’s electricity market”, which serves as an essential step towards change. The 15-year long agreement could either give us cleaner air and bluer skies OR could see many more people falling ill or dying from the effects of even worse air pollution. It is a clear choice, we must make our voices heard today.

Members of Greenpeace and five marathon runners presented to Mr. Stephen Ip, Secretary for Economic Development and Labour, a mask symbolizing the grave concern of Hong Kong citizen towards our breathing air quality.

Our lives are impacted every day by Hong Kong's atrocious air pollution - we feel it in our throats and lungs and in our eyes and noses. We all suffer the health and environmental impacts of air pollution. A major source of air pollution in Hong Kong and across the Pearl River Delta is coal-fired power generation.

However, despite pressure from the public, LegCo, the government and environmental groups, Hong Kong's two power utilities, China Light and Power and Hongkong Electric, hide from their responsibility to invest in the solution - phasing out their coal use and massively investing in renewable energy, like wind power.

The Economic Development and Labour Bureau (EDLB) is collecting public opinion about the future development of the electricity market. The deadline for responses is 31st March. Please join us to voice your concerns about 15 more years of coal burning, and urge the authorities to strictly implement environmental protection measures in the future electricity market. We cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity. We have prepared the following form to make it easy for comments under your name to be emailed directly to the EDLB.

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We cannot afford to miss this window of opportunity.

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