Stop CLP-sponsored coal plants in Thailand

Stop construction of a climate killer

Feature Story - 2005-12-07
With our flagship the Rainbow Warrior looking on, our activists climbed the loading crane of the BLCP coal plant at Map Ta Phut in Thailand and unfurled banners demanding the plant's immediate closure, calling on the Thai government to phase out coal power and to commit to renewable energy. CLP Power is the major sponsor of this climate killing plant.

Construction site of the ADB-funded BLCP Coal Plant.

Our activists have set up camp on an electricity plyon at the BLCP coal power plant, bearing witness to the construction of a climate killer.

Once completed the 1,434 megawatt coal plant is expected to emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases over its lifespan, contributing significantly to climate change. Based on Greenpeace calculations, the BLCP coal plant will emit 229 million tons of carbon dioxide in 20 years- equivalent to the weight of 32,771,428 African elephants.

CLP exports dirty energy

BLCP Power Limited is the developer of the power station. The US$1.37 billion financing facility for the BLCP power plant was signed on August 14, 2003.  The sponsors of the project are Banpu Power and CLP Power Asia, which is part of the Hong Kong-headquartered transnational firm CLP Group (CLP). While CLP puts great effort in promoting her green and clean image in Hong Kong, she continues to export dirty technologies to other Asian countries.

We're asking the Thai government to phase-out coal-fired plants while phasing in clean, renewable energy. We're also demanding that International Financial Institutions like the ADB and JBIC stop financing dirty energy.

You can be a part of this action!

Write your statement of support for clean energy. Once submitted, our climb team on the pylon will download your message and write it on a coloured flag. Your flag will be hung with hundreds of others, making a visible statment to the world that we demand an energy revolution!