Decide against coal, say CLP shareholders

Feature Story - 2005-07-22
This is an open letter to CLP chairman Michael Kadoorie. On April 28, we attended CLP's annual meeting. We were present not only as shareholders, but because we represent communities from Asia and beyond that are experiencing damage from coal-burning and climate change.

We are suffering from the environmental damage caused by the callous disregard of companies that choose to burn coal and continue to invest in it. Companies such as CLP. Burning coal destroys our climate, our communities and our livelihood.

Yet CLP continues to worsen the damage by expanding its coal projects across the Asia-Pacific region. You and your board may feel annoyed by our interruption of your annual meeting. When we tried to speak, you requested us to sit down repeatedly and refused to face the challenges posed to you. Just as you declined to acknowledge us, you have denied everyone access to the clean renewable energy that we need to protect the climate and the world.

Across the Asia region, communities are rising up against coal. Clean energy solutions like wind power are ready to go. CLP has a clear choice between right and wrong: more poisonous and climate-killing coal or more clean, safe renewable energy. You and your board are making the wrong choices and the consequences are affecting us all. As shareholders and world citizens, we urge CLP to make a responsible and wise choice for the sake of our planet and future generations.

CLP must end all new coal investments at once and make substantial investments in renewable energy programmes for Hong Kong, China and Asia. Put your resources into cleaning up Asia's energy sources and help save our climate, our communities and our future. Give us clean energy now.