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The startup heroes of China’s household solar revolution

Blog entry by Tom Baxter | 2016-11-09

China has seen enormous growth in renewable energy over the last few years. It now has both the largest and the fastest growing wind and solar sectors in the world. In fact, last year all of China’s increase in energy demand was met...

Will 4.3 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones end up in the trash?

Blog entry by Jude Lee | 2016-11-01

Right now Samsung is considering dumping 4.3 million brand new Galaxy Note 7 phones following nearly  100 cases of exploding phones around the world . That is equivalent to almost 730,000 kilograms of hi-spec technology! While Samsung...

Friday Five: Officials behaving badly and China's ecological migrants

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-10-28

Friday roundup of environmental news and commentary of the week China environment officials in Xi’an detained for data fraud [Reuters] A shocking reveal this week as Xi’an officials were detained for tampering with air...

Shaking up China’s food system- in Shanghai and beyond

Blog entry by Wang Jing | 2016-10-27

Dried flowers of the Sanqi plant   Greenpeace China’s campaign to push one of China’s biggest retailers to purge pesticides triggered food safety reform across the whole of Shanghai. Now we’re fighting to take it nationwide. ...

Friday Five: Greening coal towns and community activism in Sichuan

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-10-21

Friday roundup of environmental news and commentary of the week China's coal capital is going green [Bloomberg] Smoggy steel behemoth Taiyuan, known at one point as the only city with worse air quality than Beijing, is...

Friday Five: Baiji Dolphin spotted and China's invisible air pollution problem

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-10-14 3 comments

Chemical pollution in the Yangtze River ‘Functionally Extinct’ Yangtze Dolphin spotted for first time in a decade     [Guardian] A group of volunteers have claimed a sighting of the Baiji Dolphin, one of the more...

How can we avoid microbeads in Hong Kong?

Blog entry by Suki Yuen | 2016-10-08

Back in July, Greenpeace East Asia exposed how the microplastics found in some of our favourite makeup and personal care products are polluting our oceans. Every day in Hong Kong, 4.8 billion microplastics find their way...

Friday Five: Smog-free tower in Beijng and Pangolins get a helping hand

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2016-09-30

Credit: Derrick Wang Friday roundup featuring environmental news and commentary of the week. China Reports 6 Dead, 23 Missing in Typhoon Landslides [NYTimes] Typhoon Megi hit mainland China after ripping through...

Pushing brands to detox: another domino has fallen

Blog entry by Xiaozhou Zhang | 2016-09-28

Like any other environmentalist, what drives me is a true belief in the idea of positive change through action. That if we work together, we can make the world a better place. While some changes are small and personal, and the effects...

Why we’re mapping China’s hazardous chemicals facilities

Blog entry by Cheng Qian | 2016-09-21

China’s chemicals industry appears occasionally in the news, but we tend to only hear about it in extreme cases, when footage of enormous explosions circulate around the world , or hundreds of children fall sick . These...

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