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You did it! Samsung will finally recycle millions of Galaxy Note 7s

Blog entry by Jude Lee | 2017-03-28

Remember when we did this… Greenpeace activists create satirical scenes to show the explosion of the Galaxy Note 7 as well as how the device can be recycled at the front gate of the Samsung Electronics’ headquarters in Suwon. ...

Friday Five: New climate hope as China battles sea level rise

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-03-24

Friday news roundup highlighting the environmental news and commentary of the week. China, India, led slowdown in global coal development [Bloomberg] Huge news and new hope for the climate emerged this week as a report...

Forest guardians: communities at the forefront of China's battle to save its forests

Blog entry by Yi Lan | 2017-03-21

For centuries, China’s indigenous people have lived and worked within these remote areas. As climate change and rapid development threatens the existence of the last ‘wonderlands’, these communities are on the front lines of China’s...

Three things Rex Tillerson should learn from his China visit (but probably won’t)

Blog entry by Erin Newport | 2017-03-18 1 comment

Rex Tillerson  landed  in Beijing today, for the first time in his capacity as U.S. secretary of state.  Is the oil-exec-turned-statesman visiting China to study the nation’s response to climate change? Unlikely. But as China...

Friday Five: Solar is soaring and China promises blue skies once more

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-03-10

Friday news roundup highlighting the environmental news and commentary of the week. This week China’s solar industry continued its incredible run, big promises were made at China’s Twin Sessions and China’s longest rivers are in...

Powering up: meet the women electrifying China’s energy transition

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-03-08 1 comment

The world’s biggest polluter is now the global renewables leader, and these women are helping to lead the charge. China’s solar industry has been on an incredible journey in the past half decade. Solar capacity doubled in...

Friday Five: China's 'burning problem' and coal takes another hit

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-02-24

Friday news roundup highlighting the environmental news and commentary of the week. Burning problem of China’s trash [NPR] The world’s most populous country generates 520,000 tons of trash every single day, and that...

Friday Five: Smog and mirrors plus an epic lawsuit

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-02-17

Friday roundup highlighting the environmental news and commentary of the week. Smog and Mirrors? China’s steel capacity increased despite cuts  [Washington Post]  Last year China announced huge cuts to its over bloated steel...

A long and hopeful journey

Blog entry by Pang Cheung Sze | 2017-02-14

20 years ago today, Greenpeace East Asia opened its first office in Hong Kong. Greenpeace was new to the region and seemingly insurmountable obstacles loomed large from every direction over our small team: mainland China was...

5 Chinese “artivists” that took on China’s air pollution

Blog entry by Anna McGurk | 2017-01-12

With avenues of protest and online discussion strictly controlled, artists in China are finding increasingly creative ways to voice their frustration at their cities’ appalling air pollution. It's easy to see why: at the end of...

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