Detox action

One week ago today, Greenpeace joined the little King to reveal the ugly truth behind the glamour and glitz of luxury fashion - that brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana are polluting our rivers by using hazardous chemicals to make their '‘exclusive' clothes.

The Story Continues...

The Little Story came to life in Milan at the start of the city's fashion week with the King challenging these merchants to make toxic-free fashion on behalf of children everywhere. But this little King was not alone, or so the story goes...

The naked King sent messengers throughout the kingdom and all over the world to spread the news of his decree far and wide. Soon, the merchants began to receive thousands of letters, parades were held in the streets and people throughout the kingdom and beyond started to talk of this toxic-free challenge.

Though famous merchants like Burberry and Valentino listened and changed their dreadful habit, others like Louis Vuitton, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana continued to trick their loyal fans and pollute the kingdom's beautiful rivers.


The King's Decree: Toxic-free fashion

From Hong Kong to Hamburg, parents and children alike joined the little King in asking these brands to make clothes free from hazardous chemicals.

In Mexico, the King and his court paid a visit to Louis Vuitton and demanded the brand commit to Detox. In Russia, a crucial market for these brands - and a country currently lacking strong regulation on hazardous chemicals and water pollution - a naked King demanded toxic-free fashion directly to Louis Vuitton and its staff. Meanwhile in Germany, mannequins took a stand outside Versace shops and in Milan activists dropped a banner before the red carpet leading into D&G's most important show.

From the high street to the social media stream

The calls were not just from the streets; for four days people also took to Versace and D&G's Facebook and Twitter pages, flooding them with Detox messages during the fashion world's most important season and ensuring these brands and their customers heard the news loud and clear.

Versace Facebook protest

The question now remains: will these brands listen to the demands of fashion fans, parents and Greenpeace volunteers and do the fashionable thing? Will they commit to toxic-free fashion, or will they keep hiding their toxic-truth behind fairy tales?

Take action - help us give this tale a happy ending

Milan Fashion Week may have come to a close, but this story is not over yet. These brands have the power to Detox and lead the toxic-free trend. Together we can keep the pressure up and help ensure they give us all the happy ending our little King and children everywhere deserve.

Tell Louis Vuitton, D&G and Versace to create beautiful fashion without pollution.

Cecilia is a Communications Coordinator at Greenpeace Italy and Nina is a Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace Russia.