Cancer Victim's Grave in Shaoxing

Li Bairong and his family live in Shaoxing, an area that has been severely affected by pollution. The Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Zone specialises in textile and dyeing, assuming more than a third of China’s dying and printing capacity and houses suppliers of many global fashion brands.

Li Bairong

Worker Li Bairong is 54 years old and from Sanjiang Village. He was diagnosed with esophagus cancer.

Li Bairong in hospital

He received treatment at the Oncological Department of Shaoxing No. 2 People's Hospital, however this was unsuccessful, and he eventually passed away.

Li Bairong's grave

Family members visit his grave. Li became the fourth individual to die of cancer in his family history.

Li Bairong's wife

Following the death of her husband from cancer, Li's wife has had to take over all his responsibilities.

Few should have to endure the tragic story of Li Bairong, yet there are many lives just like his in the area. Learn more about how Greenpeace are working to make lasting change in the textiles industry in China.