Yup, that's a photo of me in the midst of a very staticy-hair day in Beijing, and me slumming it with some nuke cans in our Hong Kong office. I've uploaded these to Instagram as part of Greenpeace's new video for our Detox campaign. And you can take part too!

Here's how:

All you need is a plain t-shirt and Instagram, the free photo sharing app for iPhone and Android. (Or if you don't have Instagram, and I'll post it for you.) When you take that photo, make sure to share it and get friends to 'like' it in Instagram.

  1. Put on a plain t-shirt.

  2. Photograph yourself or get a friend to do it using Instagram.

  3. Type '#detox #peoplepower' and the name of the clothing brand you'd like to see go toxic-free first into the Caption field before you post the image.

  4. Post the photo (or ) and you're done!

Take the photo 

You can post as many photos as you like – just remember the #detox and #peoplepower tags and clothing brands in the Caption so we can find it.

Here's an awesome example posted in by Greenpeace's top dog Kumi Naidoo:

What campaign is this for?

It's for the Detox campaign! We're challenging some of the world's most popular clothing brands to work with all of their suppliers to eliminate the release of toxic chemicals into our water.

What will Greenpeace do with the photos?

We're going to make a video with your photos, using your t-shirts as a canvas for Detox campaign images and text. #PeoplePower has already convinced six brands to #Detox but we now need to make sure that these brands live up to their promises and that all other major clothing brands step up and champion a toxic free future.

Why make a campaign video this way?

Because it's fun! And because we know that all the big clothing brands monitor social media, especially what's being said about them. So thanks to you, it can have an effect even before our video is complete.

Tell me more about winning prizes!

Okay, it's like this: Every Thursday we will check Instagram for the photos tagged #detox and #peoplepower which have been 'liked'. The one with the most likes wins a copy of Amchitka, a limited edition double-CD from the 1970 concert which launched Greenpeace. We'll leave a comment below the winning photo with instructions so you can send us a postal address for the prize.

Can I participate without posting a photo?

Camera shy? No problem! You can search Instagram for photos tagged by others with "#detox #peoplepower" and click the heart button to 'like' the best you see.