Car Free Day

After a two year hiatus, Greenpeace’s Car Free Day 2013 is back in Hong Kong. Let’s join the global bike ride taking place in more than 31 countries and 75 cities around the world. Together we can challenge big oil and celebrate the beauty of the Arctic!

September is the time of year when Arctic sea ice cover will reach sobering lows as melting continues. Every year it becomes the period in which the impacts of climate change are perhaps most visible.

History has taught us that people-powered movements can change the world. And during this critical juncture of earth's history, people across the world will join together for Car Free Day on September 15, 2013. Every rider will help raise the volume of the call for Arctic protection.

Car Free Day is also part of Greenpeace’s on-going campaign to Save The Arctic. A year into the campaign, 3.5 million people have already signed up to support demands for a global sanctuary in the high Arctic and a ban on oil drilling in Arctic waters.

Together we will raise awareness about climate change and do our part to reverse plans to exploit the pristine waters of the Arctic.

Got a bike? Join this global event against plans to drill for oil in Arctic waters.

Details for Cycling on Car Free Day in Hong Kong

  • Date: 15th September 2013 (Sunday)
  • Time: 08:30-12:00
  • Distance: 12km (Chater Road Central to Java Road and then return to Chater Road Central)
  • Number of participants: 300 people (based on first come first served basis)
  • Deadline for registration: 11th September 2013 or when the total number of participants has been reached.

Qualifying participants will receive a small gift at the Car Free Day event in order to decorate their bicycle. Upon completion of the event, participants will also receive a certificate via email.


Further Instruction for the Day of the Ride

Withdrawal from the Event

  • If injured, please ask other passersby or participants to notify the nearest marshal or onsite volunteers for immediate assistance.

Personal Gear for the Event

  • Bicycle, with no assistant wheels, and installed with a bell
  • Bicycle helmet is recommended to be worn during the ride
  • Water or other drinkable liquids and energy food
  • Closed-toe shoes are compulsory during the duration of the event. No sandals allowed.
  • Lightweight sportswear
  • Participants are welcome to wear white and dress up their bikes in Arctic themed material to show their support of Save The Arctic
  • No personal belongings will be stored or transported during the event

Stay energized and hydrated!

  • All participants should carry water or liquids in a bottle for hydration and energy food for the event. Water will be provided but only at the beginning of the event.

Other Items

Foul Weather

  • If there is a typhoon signal level three or above, or a Red or Black Rainstorm is in force before 06:00, the event will be cancelled
  • If there is a typhoon signal level three or above, or a Red or Black Rainstorm is in force after the event has started, the event will also be cancelled. In such a scenario, participants are advised to take shelter in a safe place until weather conditions have improved.


Greenpeace has bought third party liability insurance for this event. Participants are strongly encouraged to have their own personal medical insurance for this race and also to check with the insurance company that their policy covers all activities in this event.


If you have any questions concerning this event, please email us at or call our hotline on 2848 300, Monday – Friday from 09:30 to 18:00.

For donors, please email our Donor Services Team at or call our hotline on 2854 8318, Monday – Friday from 09:30 to 18:00.