Over the past two years the fashion industry has been undergoing a quiet revolution. 

I'm not talking about the accelerating pace at which the latest styles fly from the runways to the rails, nor the growth of e-commerce and social marketing, bridging the divide between seller and buyer, maker and wearer.

I'm talking Detox.

In just over 24 months, the combined power of activists, fashionistas, bloggers and shoppers from around the world - united in their belief that the clothes we wear should carry a story we can be proud of - has led to 18 companies committing to Detox. And while these commitments - from luxury brands like Valentino to high-street regulars, like Zara, Mango and H&M - represent the critical first steps down the runway to a toxic-free fashion, the Detox trend is only just beginning to take hold.

Last month high-end Italian fashion supplier Canepa marked another landmark for the campaign, becoming the first supplier in the world to make a Detox commitment.

Canepa supply some of Italy's most renowned fashion labels with high quality fabrics, and their trendsetting commitment has sent a clear message to their buyers that toxic-free fashion is not a passing trend; it is an enduring fashion staple.

And all of this thanks to people like you.

While there is still a long way to go before toxic-free fashion becomes the norm, your help getting us to this point has been crucial. Major brands are influenced by public perception and global action, and your role in putting this issue firmly on the agenda of global fashion brands and suppliers, and forcing them to respond with the urgency the situation demands has been critical in the Detox campaign's ongoing success.

People Power

Watch the latest Detox video showing the strength of people power.


From the innovative Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver, to the glamour of Paris Fashion Week, we have been busy spreading the news of the successes we have achieved together while outlining the future challenges that we will overcome. It is now essential that the companies that made a commitment to Detox follow through on their fashion-conscious promises and meet all our expectations.

Ilze Smit is a Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace International. You can follow her on twitter: @ilze_gp