Image: Creative Commons/ Peter O'Connor 

China’s smog knocks 2 years off life expectancy [SCMP]

A IEA released report on global health implications of air pollution has estimated that smog in China reduces life expectancy by an average of 25 months and could be responsible for up to 1 million premature deaths in the Middle Kingdom. Read more here.

Into the Wild: The Return of China’s ‘Milu’ Deer [Sixth Tone]

The inspiring story of the Milu deer’s near extinction and rehabilitation into the wild in China, largely thanks to the dedication of one Slovak-American zoologist.

China’s Idled Wind Farms May Spell Trouble for Renewable Energy [Bloomberg]

China is now the world leader for wind power installations, but issues with turbine quality and grid capacity have left its energy production lagging.

China accuses former deputy environment minister Zhang Lijun of taking US$361,500 in bribes [SCMP]

Zhang Lijun, who served as deputy environment minister 2008-2013, was accused of accepting 2.4 million RMB in bribes this week as he stood trial for corruption.

Pollution scandal engulfs China’s meat industry  [Global Meat News] 

A pig farm built on a potentially toxic brownsite has sparked anger on Chinese social media after it was linked to several cases of cancer. The incident bears a chilling resemblance to the Changzhou ‘toxic school’ incident in April. Read more about that and China’s hazardous chemicals problem here.