Chemical pollution in the Yangtze River

‘Functionally Extinct’ Yangtze Dolphin spotted for first time in a decade  [Guardian]

A group of volunteers have claimed a sighting of the Baiji Dolphin, one of the more high-profile victims of China’s pollution epidemic. The ‘goddess of the river’ was declared functionally extinct in 2006 and the last sighting was in 2007, almost a decade ago. The demise of the Baiji was met with international dismay and brought greater attention to the environmental toll that development has exacted on China’s mother river. Experts have warned that the alleged sighting, thrilling though it is, is probably not indicative of a comeback and efforts should now be put on the Yangtze’s other ailing species, like the finless porpoise.

Clearer air isn’t clean air as ozone levels rise [China Dialogue]

Beijing’s rare blue sky days may contain a hidden danger as ozone levels have risen across the country, even as PM2.5 levels have dropped. According to a new report, ozone levels are increasing at an alarming rate, especially in Beijing, which saw a 26.6% rise in just one year. A combination of rising temperatures and car emissions are to blame.

In 5 years, China could build more EV stations than rest of the world combined [Green tech media]

China is stepping up its investment in electric vehicles in a big way as new data shows that an average of 170 charging stations a day in the first half of 2015.

Pollution data shows Beijing’s PM2.5 levels worse than last year [Netease]

MEP pollution data from Q3 shows that PM2.5 levels made a slight increase of 2.9% across the country, while the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region saw a dramatic rise of over 15%. The reason? Mostly likely last year’s Parade Blue.

Green growth could boost China's economy six-fold [China Dialogue]

A new NRDC report suggests that China’s economy could grow six-fold by 2050 with renewable energy accounting for 69% of national electricity supply by transforming its energy system.