49 held accountable and jailed for Tianjin Blast[BBC]

A Chinese court jailed 49 and passed one suspended death sentence for the Tianjin blast that killed 173 people last August. Most were found guilty of accepting bribes to allow storage of illegal volumes of hazardous chemicals which turned a warehouse fire into one of the biggest industrial accidents in Chinese history. China’s chemical industry is the largest in the world and woefully under regulated. See what we’re doing to fight for safety and transparency in the industry here.


On Monday China’s National Energy Agency released the five year plan for the power sector. It was not the ambitious ‘energy transition’ plan many had hoped to see, leaving space for coal to grow further, and setting comparatively low wind and solar targets. Thankfully, it is only a plan, not set-in-stone policy.


Singles Day has morphed from a novelty holiday into the world’s biggest shopping event in just 8 years. This year, the star studded gala countdown gala was attended by Kobe Bryant, David Beckham and Scarlett Johansson. Unsurprisingly, this celebration of unadulterated consumption isn’t too good for the planet.


With Tuesday’s election result still ringing in our ears, the question of the US’s climate commitments has been thrown up in the air. After 2 years of showing joint leadership on global climate change, will China become the lone leader on climate change mitigation?


Heilongjiang gets burned in air pollution row

Heilongjiang is kicking back against claims that straw burning and coal-powered heating in the province are responsible for the latest bout of smog to engulf China’s northeastern cities.