Dolce & Gabbana

One week ago we opened Milan Fashion Week in style - revealing the toxic truth behind luxury fashion. As the highlight of the fashion calendar; the glamorous catwalk shows organised by brands like Dolce&Gabbana, from Milan to Paris, is the place to reveal the latest trends for the year ahead.

Today we revealed something more sinister behind Dolce&Gabbana’s beautiful clothes.

banner hanging

As models and designers alike strutted down the carpet into the Milan venue, above, Greenpeace volunteers dropped a banner with a message which was hard to ignore.

We have been asking D&G questions about its supply chain and the hazardous chemicals in its clothes since 2012 when the brand was asked to take part in the Fashion Duel. So far, no answer.

Last week, Greenpeace International released a report revealing traces of hazardous chemicals in clothing made by major luxury brands like D&G, Louis Vuitton and Versace. It seems it is high time that these supposed trendsetters catch up with brands like Valentino and Burberry which have committed to toxic-free fashion.

storefront protest

Activists in Hong Kong, Berlin and Munich joined forces to make sure D&G got the message loud and clear.

Beautiful fashion doesn’t need to cost the Earth. None of us can afford the toxic pollution these brands are causing - polluting our waterways in sites of production and impacting people when these clothes are washed.

It’s time for Dolce&Gabbana to follow the trend that other fashion leaders have set and create fashion we can all be proud of.

Gabriele Salari, Press Officer, Greenpeace Italy.

Lead image: Greenpeace activists, along with their children, protested at a Dolce&Gabbana shop located in Harbour City, Hong Kong. © Ka-ming Li / Greenpeace