Detox Our Future

Earlier last week Greenpeace launched the latest chapter of the Detox campaign for toxic-free fashion, revealing how hazardous Little Monsters are lurking in all kinds of kid's clothes - from luxury to budget - and calling on big brands like Burberry, adidas and Disney to act now on behalf of our future generations.

In the beginning...

The story began at press conferences in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong where journalists were read a Little Story about the Monsters in our Closet and introduced to the Little Monsters themselves.

Launch of Detox Report: 'A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet'

And then...

Just a few hours later activists in Hungary set up a workshop infested with toxic monsters outside adidas’ flagship store in Budapest, revealing the dangerous beasts hidden in the fabric used to make our clothes. Following adidas' commitment to Detox their supply chains, the world is still watching and waiting for the brand to go all in for fashion without pollution.

Detox Protest Outside Adidas Store in Hungary

Until finally...

The day was brought to a close in Mexico where nearly 1,000 children came together in schools across the country to send a strong message to these polluting brands and the rest of the world – Detox our future. The highlight was on a pristine beach in Puerto Vallarta where 100 children made a human banner in the sand as the iconic Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior sailed in the background. Watch how the events unfolded here.

A Social Media Fairy Tale

A Detox Fairy Tale

Meanwhile, back on dry land Greenpeace offices around the world were telling our supporters a Detox Fairy Tale on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, revealing each new chapter on the hour throughout the day alongside the Detox Fairy Tale website.

Activists, parents, bloggers and fashionistas joined us to help tell this toxic tale, with thousands tweeting the story and using social media to tell Burberry, adidas and Disney to ensure our children can live happily ever after.

A Happy Ending?

Over the past two years here at Greenpeace I have been proud to be part of an ever-growing global movement creating change in the fashion industry. The Detox campaign has proven just how much big brands listen to their customers and to public opinion. 

As a result of people power 17 brands have committed to Detox, and agreed to phase out the use of hazardous chemicals in our clothes and stop polluting our rivers by 2020. What’s more, most of them are already doing something about it (see which brands are Leaders and which are Greenwashers on the Detox Catwalk).

Following in the footsteps of their competitors, brands like Burberry, adidas and Disney can still become the heroes in this chemical nightmare by ridding us of these monsters forever - taking steps to make their supply chains more transparent, eliminate the worst hazardous chemicals and become pioneers of toxic free fashion.

Parents, shoppers and people standing up for what they believe in can make these brands listen.

Make your voice heard

Join the movement and help spread the Detox message even further to ensure the clothes we buy for ourselves and our children tell a story we can all be proud of.

Tell these polluters to stop making and releasing these Little Monsters:



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Ilze Smit is a Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace International. You can follow her on twitter: @ilze_gp