Edward: We board the ship. As our activist climbs atop the container of e-waste, I speak with the captain of the ship who says he is willing to cooperate. It is a good beginning.


Edward: I am phoning legislative member Choi So Yuk.  I hope that she will help us communicate with the Environmental Protection Department and with customs. Customs is waiting for directions from the Environmental Protection Department before they can take any action.


Joey: We have just set up the banner, and now we are resting.


Smitha: I am an activist from India. Our team is made up of activists from all over the world. We are trying to stop the illegal trafficking of electronic waste, but the electronics industry has not been eager to own up to their responsibilities.


Mike: Today, 6 other Greenpeace activists and I took action to stop a container of e-waste from entering Hong Kong’s port. We are going to stay here on the container vessel until we are sure that the shipment of e-waste has been turned back to its country of origin. So far, we are doing quite well. Stay tuned for more.


Edward: We have been trying in vain to contact the head of the Environmental Protection Department. However, the department has sent staff over to check out the situation.


A couple of marine police boats have visited us. They did not hassle us too much, just asked a few questions and moved on.


They are beginning to move containers off the vessel. A marine police boat is nearby watching.


Alice: We are safe and doing well, although we are already really tired. Some of us are resting while others are keeping watch over the containers. The crewmembers have not given us any trouble. We are using non-violent action to demand that the Environmental Protection Department amend their toxic waste regulations.


Alice: It has started to rain. Our action has been going on for four hours. We are high up on top of a container and it is slippery. We are in good spirits and we are trying to be mindful of safety.



Smitha: Four hours down, life on the container continues ... negotiations are on. Mike got a nasty gash on his hand while helping me fix the banner, Ron catches up on sleep, and Alice keeps us occupied with banter. Alex clicks all this away. All this while rain threatens ... pretty happening for a life atop a few containers


Edward: The Environmental Protection Department announces that they will detain the containers of e-waste!


The Hong Kong Information Services Department has announced the EDP’s decision to detain the container. The EDP will have a meeting next week to discuss the next steps.


Kontau: The EDP tell us over the phone that: i) they will detain the three containers of e-waste; ii) they will announce to the public their decision to detain the containers; iii) at the soonest available time, they will begin discussions with Greenpeace to figure out the best way to tighten up Hong Kong’s toxic waste disposal regulations. Our action is nearing the end.


End of action. All our activists return to shore.

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