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  • Top 5 trends to keep your hopes up on climate

    Blogpost by Kelly Huang, Engagement Coordinator @Greenpeace HK - 2019-03-07 at 15:30

    If you struggle to keep your chin up on climate change, we don’t blame you. To limit global warming within 1.5°C, climate scientists have urged us to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030. But with world leaders showing no strong will to deal with the ...

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  • Beyond the beach clean-up

    Blogpost by Yen Ning, Oceans Campaigner @ Greenpeace East Asia - 2018-12-02 at 0:18

    Greenpeace and local NGO Society of Wilderness have been working together to survey the ENTIRE 1,210 km-coastline of Taiwan and estimate how much rubbish is actually on our beaches. It took us just two weeks! Want to know how we did it? Read on…


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  • Why in a post-IPCC world we need more from our energy wins

    Blogpost by Greenpeace - 2018-11-06 at 9:00

    The Taiwanese government’s decision to abandon plans for a new coal-fired power plant should have been a win for civil society. But it only underscored the need to keep fighting for a clean energy revolution, writes Cony Chang, Energy Campaigner at Gr...

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  • The past decade has been one of the most important for our environment. From apocalyptic air pollution, to a new era of climate and environmental ambition, China is on a trajectory of monumental change.

    No one knows this better than Li Yan. Working...

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  • You did it! Samsung chooses renewable energy!

    Blogpost by Insung Lee - 2018-06-14 at 11:06 2 comments

    Remember the time we gave Samsung stores a makeover...

    Protest in Berlin for Samsung to Commit to Clean Energy  

    Or when we did this…


    Greenpeace activists in Berlin and Taipei called out Samsung for sponsoring this year’s Winte... Read more >

  • In China, a wave of support for Antarctic protection

    Blogpost by Erin Newport - 2018-04-25 at 11:20

    Wang Yuheng on board the Arctic Sunrise

    TV star Wang Yuheng is on a mission to protect the Antarctic.

    In February, he joined Greenpeace on our Antarctic ship tour, where he came face-to-face with wildlife in the region, returning to China with the message that the area must be protected. 

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  • Making Change in 2018

    Blogpost by Pang Cheung Sze - 2018-02-12 at 14:59

    As we enter the Lunar New Year, we reflect on progress we’ve made in our mission to tackle the threats facing our world -- from the global boom in renewable energy to the creation of sanctuaries for our ancient forests, to the banning of harmful micro...

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    Huawei is seeking to crack US market, but lacks environmental credentials

    Your bus shelter and web browser may soon be blanketed with ads promoting “The best phone you’ve never heard of”, heralding the arrival of a new smartphone that has finall... Read more >

  • From flip flops to superman – 20 years of golden Greenpeace memories

    Blogpost by Dinah Gardner - 2017-12-12 at 15:26

    In our 20 years, some amazing staff have worked with us here at Greenpeace Hong Kong for some equally amazing environmental campaigns. Some are still with us, others have moved on, but we all still feel like one family. We caught up with a few Greenpe... Read more >

  • What does the GOOD LIFE mean to you?

    Blogpost by Dinah Gardner - 2017-12-06 at 15:07

    To celebrate the Greenpeace Hong Kong office’s 20th birthday this year we launched an important and fresh new campaign aimed at improving quality of life. It’s a new concept in the field of environmental campaigning.

    It’s called the Good Life.

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