A clear GAP between words and actions

Our investigations over the last few years have shown global fashion house GAP to be a toxic-addicted laggard. Though the company claims to be cleaning up its act, hiding behind the paper commitments of the ineffective Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals industry group, there is still a clear gap between GAP's words and its actions.

Learn more about Greenpeace's Detox campaign.

Greenpeace activists protest with signs in front of GAP's flagship store in Taipei, Taiwan to highlight GAP's pollution problem. Earlier in March, activists from Greenpeace scaled the same store disrupting its ribbon-cutting ceremony to demand for negotiation with GAP. However, GAP has failed to respond to Greenpeace. According to Greenpeace’s investigation, the water sample from GAP’s supplier in Indonesia also contains NP, antimony, tributylphosphate resembling a “chemical cocktail."

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