The hills are alive with the sound of eco-agriculture!

China is both the world's largest producer and consumer of rice. It's the nation's most important food crop, which is why the method in which it is grown is a question of vital importance: both for human health and the health of the environment. Unfortunately two great threats to the stability of rice growing in China: the over use of chemicals and pesticides and the ever dark ominous shadow of genetic engineering, impelled Greenpeace to commission five ecological agricultural experts to research better ways to grow rice in China. View the report here (in Chinese).

The Chinese government's funding for research and development of genetic engineered food exceeds that of eco-agriculture by thirty times. It is money that we believe will be better used to research, promote and support sustainable agriculture in China. Take a look at these examples of simple, eco-friendly methods to grow rice in China that are good for the Earth, and therefore good for China.

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