Red wall palace in Qinghai

However, since opencast mines were exploited illegally by the Kingho group and other enterprises in this area, excavation and extrusion destructed permafrost, wetlands and alpine meadows, the steady ecological environment has been heavily damaged.

2 July 2014 - Qinghai - Located in the northern part of Chi-lien Mountains in Tibetan Plateau, Muli Mine in aerial images belongs to Tianjun County and Gangcha County of Qinghai Province. Being from 4100 m to 4300 m above sea level, it is the main source of the Datong River, the Shule River and the Buha River, which are important tributaries of the Yellow River. In the sunshine, large area of green alpine meadows is bordered golden fringe; in the distance the snow-capped Chi-lien Mountains standing there for millions of years is quiet and solemn.

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