[The New RAINBOW WARRIOR] East Asian tour

Greenpeace ship The New Rainbow Warrior has just spent this summer in Hong Kong to promote the message of ‘Save the Energy for Future’.

Greenpeace ship The New Rainbow Warrior has just spent this summer in Hong Kong to promote the message of ‘Save the Energy for Future’.

The All New Rainbow Warrior on her East Asian Tour

The Rainbow Warrior is Greenpeace’s signature ship, and represents the courage Greenpeace has to protect our planet. The new generation Rainbow Warrior has just spent this summer touring East Asia, laying anchor in Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. She set an example on how to be energy efficient and energy saving and helped spread information on combating climate change.

Here’s the captain, Jose Badia Barbal - we call him Pep - with some words on just how great the Rainbow Warrior is on saving energy: “The Rainbow Warrior is the new vessel custom-designed with sustainability in mind, sailing primarily under wind power. I hope countries across the world will learn from our model and vow to reduce energy consumption.”

Hong Kong: Save Energy for Our Future

Dirty coal is the main source of Hong Kong’s energy – add on top of that an energy market that encourages the wasteful use of power and sounds from the government that it wants to add more nuclear power to the mix in the future, then we are heading towards a more and more unsustainable future! So that’s why the Rainbow Warrior paid a visit to Hong Kong to share with us her environmental work which has taken her all over the world. We hope that her visitors will be inspired to love our planet and starting saving energy.

She had an eventful trip! While she was here a typhoon
hit – the tides had been influenced by the supermoon. Our captain didn’t think it was safe under the circumstance to allow the open day to go ahead. We really appreciate your support and understanding. And we also offer our heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work. We hope the Rainbow Warrior can make her way back to see us again soon!

South Korea: Nuclear Emergency Tour

South Korea’s aging nuclear reactors and poor supervision is an accident waiting to happen. The Rainbow Warrior made her trip to South Korea this summer to raise awareness about the risks of nuclear power, and get the public on board our campaign to stop nuclear power in the country.

We climbed Busan's iconic Gwangandaegyo bridge and set up camp 130m in the air, hanging nuclear emergency warnings on banners, urging the government to start thinking about the safety of millions of city residents. For the first time ever, the South Korean government arranged a meeting between us and several ministries to discuss strategy in the event of a nuclear accident. This shows that our work with governments does have an effect and is also more proof that our campaign tactic: positive change through action.

Taiwan: A Better Future Together

The Rainbow Warrior docked in Taipei and Tainan and welcomed people on deck for four days of open days. More than 4,000 people and William Lai, the mayor of Tainan, came on board to see how we give a voice to the environment and maintain our principles in protecting our planet.

In Taipei, our activists donned radiation protection gear and demonstrated against nuclear power, informing the public that they lived very close to three nuclear power stations and how their government’s nuclear policy was flawed. The crew on board also met with local fishermen to talk about how local marine resources were being over-exploited.