[Financial Summary]

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Eliminate Toxic Chemicals

  • In July and August, we published a report on how samples of household dust we took from 14 homes in mainland China and Hong Kong contained four kinds of environmental hormones.
  • In September, we were invited to attend a UN conference on Chemicals Management and in front of delegates from 124 countries and regions gave a speech on environmental hormones, getting the Chinese representatives' attention.
  • In November we exposed how many global fashion brands were polluting as part of their production processes. We successfully got ZARA, MANGO, ESPRIT, LEVI’S and UNIQLO to promise to Detox.

Climate and Energy

  • We launched our global “Save the Arctic” campaign in June, attracting 2 million supporters. We successfully pushed Shell to abandon its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic in 2012.
  • As part of our effort to start a local energy revolution, we began a series of actions in July: we exposed how shopping malls were encouraged to waste lots of energy with preferential tariffs, and made public how Hong Kong's power companies are pretending to go environmental just so they can hike tariffs.
  • As part of our End the Era of Coal Campaign, in August we published our report, Thirsty Coal, to reveal how plans to develop coal bases in China's west will cause severe water crises.

Defending our Oceans

Food Safety & Agriculture

  • In May we revealed how many of Hong Kong's vegetable suppliers from the mainland are seriously over-using chemical fertilizers and pesticides and demanded that supermarkets, markets and the government solve the problem.
  • In June, we tested lychees produced in Guangdong and also lychees sold in Hong Kong, Beijing and Guangzhou. All of them were found with pesticide residues. We gave the Guangdong local government the results of our tests and some recommendations.
  • In September, we exposed the shocking news that American scientists had illegally tested GE rice on 24 Chinese children in Hunan province and asked the Chinese government to investigate and punish those responsible.

Protection of our Forests