[Esperanza touring HK]

The Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza arrives in Hong Kong as part of the ongoing East Asian 'Save Our Oceans' ship tour.

The Greenpeace ship MY Esperanza arrives in Hong Kong as part of the ongoing East Asian 'Save Our Oceans' ship tour.

Greenpeace's Ocean Defenders vessel, the Esperanza anchored in Hong Kong last October, to teach people about how to protect our precious marine world. In just three days, more than 6,400 visitors came on board. Our heartfelt thanks go to all the visitors, Esperanza's crew and the more than 200 volunteers who worked tirelessly to make everything a success.


5 Kinds of sashimi you should think twice about eating

When you tuck into to a fresh, succulent slice of sashimi, do you ever think that one day there'll be no seafood left? Every year, the average Hong Kong person eats a whopping 71.6kg of seafood, the second highest in Asia. Our “Sustainable Sushi Guide” points out that the five kinds of sashimi most popular in Hong Kong: tuna, salmon, eel, swordfish and shrimp, are caught or raised in ways that are destroying our oceans.

4 Sailors go diving in Sai Kung

We sent four of our Esperanza crew to Sai Kung to go diving.  In the murky waters, they held up an underwater banner reading: “Save Our Oceans”. We sent the images out to draw the public's attention to marine pollution and global over-fishing. Our divers also cleaned up the seabed which was littered with rubbish including discarded fishing nets.

3 Open days, all on board the Esperanza

Over6,400 Hong Kong people trekked all the way to Kennedy Town to visit the Esperanza. The open boat included a guided tour, an ocean exhibition, 3D painting, subject talk on ocean crisis and also an organic market. Thank you for coming!

2 Days of special events

We invited 10 schools – in total about 300 students -- to come on board the Esperanza and also held a special forum on “The Future of Hong Kong's Ocean” and invited several specialists from a variety of fields to take part and discuss the best ways to protect Hong Kong's marine environment.

1 Young Hong Kong woman called Olivia on board

Hong Kong student Olivia spent two months on board the Esperanza, visiting South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong and took part in two Save Our Oceans actions.

“During this voyage I got to learn a lot about Greenpeace and about the environmental issues we are facing. And that sometimes it is necessary to speak up, take action, and get the public to rise up and join your call, in order to get government and companies to make changes.”