[Thank you] Campaigner message

Thank you for helping to protect our planet. Because of YOU we are able to bring positive change through action to create a greener and safer future for the next generation.  We sincerely hope that you will continue to support our environmental work in 2013, and work with us to build on our past successes.

Yi Fang

“In 2012 we investigated more than 100 factories. We talked with many locals to find out the kinds of threats they were facing: there was serious pollution and widespread cancer. It is our hope that we can better their situation by letting the world know that the fashion industry is causing this kind of tragedy and this will help to bring a stop to it. Lastly, I want to take this opportunity, to thank you for working with us.”

Li Yifang, Senior Toxics Campaigner

Liu Bing

“Field investigation is always the most challenging part of the job, but it also gives me the biggest sense of achievement. Exploring deep in the rainforest, of course, carries many dangers. For example, one time a leech got into my clothes and bit me so seriously that the wound festered. It took a whole year before it healed. But as long as we can attract public attention and push governments to make improvements, it’s all worth it.”

Liu Bing, Forests Campaign Manager


“I come from Fiji. Heavy overfishing in the western and central Pacific Ocean means that the marine ecology is in danger and the Oceans Campaign has become one of Greenpeace East Asia’s priority projects. Defending our Oceans knows no boundaries, and so I thank you in Hong Kong for supporting our work protecting the oceans in East Asia. I’d like to let you know that we are expanding our ocean campaign to China; so please keep a close eye on our work!”

Lagi Toribau, Korea Program Manager

Kim Schoppink

“I am really thankful for your support. Our oceans are facing a crisis and we have to fight very hard for them. The team in Taiwan is highly motivated and working tirelessly to save our oceans, but they wouldn’t be able to do their important work without your support. Thank you!!”

Kim Schoppink, Campaign Manager from Taipei Office

Li Yan

“We’ve been really busy this past year. I have just been to Doha to attend the UN climate talks, pushing developed nations to commit to effective emissions reductions. Every day, my team reminds themselves that this campaign requires extra special patience and faith before we can secure real change. We are truly grateful for your support. You give us faith and you give us strength. We will continue to keep you in close touch with the latest developments from our campaign.”

Li Yan, Climate & Energy Campaign Manager

Gloria Cheung

“Hong Kong and the environment and ecology of the Pearl River Delta are inextricably linked, and so we have launched our Green Pearl River Delta campaign. As well as dealing with the overuse of pesticides, in 2013 we will also focus on the problems of heavy metal pollution. We hope that you will continue to support us. Together we can improve everyone’s life in Hong Kong. We wish you and your family a very happy new year!”

Gloria Chang, Hong Kong Campaign Manager